The Dahveed Series

The Dahveed series covers the life of King David from his coming to Jesse's house in Bethlehem at five years of age until his throne is secure after Abshalom's death and Sheba's rebellion. Book 1 covers his arrival at Jesse's house until he is made general of King Shaul's army, and book 2 continues his life until his marriage to Shaul's daughter, Michal. Book 3 covers his fugitive years, ending with his marriage to Abigail of Carmel. David's service to Akish of Gath and the events in Israel concluding with the battle at Gilboa are in Book 4. David's rise as first king of Judah, then Israel, then ruler of Canaan and his capture of Jebus are covered in book 5. Book 6, continuing with David's rise to ruler of an empire, his affair with Bathsheba and the rebellion of Absalom and then Sheba, has yet to be written. I hope you enjoy the story.

One of the waterfalls at En-Gedi