Dahveed Series: Cast of Characters

Characters in the Dahveed Series:
Names with an asterick (*) are Biblical characters

Abiadan: Sahrah of Ammon, daughter of King Nahash, wife of Jesse and mother of Abigail and Zeruiah. Deceased.

*Abiathar: Son of Hakkohen Haggadol Ahimelech. A priest.

Abiaz: Trouble-maker in Heshbon when Ruth was a young woman.

*Abiezer: One of Hassar Jonathan's personal guard.

*Abigail: Dahveed's half sister, and full sister to Zeruiah. Daughter of Abiadan.

*Abigail of Carmel: Wife of Nabal. Gebirah to the Carmel Calebite clans.

*Abinadab: Jesse's second son by Miriam, his Israelite wife. Half-brother to Dahveed.

*Abishai: Dahveed's nephew, first born of Zeruiah, half-sister to Dahveed.

*Abner: General of Shaul's armies and his cousin.

Achsah: Maid to Michal.

*Adnah: A commander from Manasseh who deserts to Dahveed.

*Adriel: Son of Barzillai. Marries Merab.

Ahaz: Elder of Bethlehem.

*Ahiam: Habiru sworn to Dahveed.

*Ahibaal: A Jebusite, loyal to his adon and who first looked for Dahveed on a mule, who now keeps track of Dahveed and advises him.

*Ahimelech: High Priest in Nob during Shaul's reign.

*Ahimelek: A Hittite. One of Davheed's men.

*Ahinoam: Shaul's wife.

*Ahinoam of Jezreel: Daughter of Ahlai. Sister of Zabad. Marries Dahveed.

*Ahithophel: see Ahibaal and A Word About . . .

*Ahlai: Father of Zabad, Ahinoam and Lael. Rival to Nabal.

*Ahor: Canaanite landowner near Shechem. Grandfather to Hushai the Archite.

Ahuzzath: Man who replaces Beor as Seren Manani's scribe.

*Aiah: Father of Rizpah, shaul's concubine. Lives in Jabesh.

*Ahiezer: Commander of the unit of Shaul's kin who desert to Dahveed.

*Akish: Son of Maoch of Gath, who becomes Seren of Gath when his father dies.

Ala: Zelek's sister. Taken by Manani in Ekron and tries to stop her brother from assassinating Hassar Jonathan. Half Ammonite, half Cushite and blood cousin to Abigail and Zeruiah.

Amarel of Dibon: man who took Moab's throne during the time of Ruth.

*Amasa: Son of Dahveed's sister Abigail.

*Amasai: Commander of a unit of Benjamites who desert to Dahveed.

*Armoni: Rizpah's first son.

*Araunah: Title for king of Jebus. Used as a name.

Areli: Man from Naphtali in the 2nd unit. Cousin to Cheran.

*Asahel: Dahveed's nephew, third son of Zeruiah.

Asaiah: Boy in Bethlehem, son of Telah.

Atarah: Jebusite woman rescued by Dahveed and Ethan. Sister to Ornan.

*Azmaveth: Bodyguard to the hassar and father of Pelet. Forced to spy on Jonathan.

Baalyaton: Powerful adon in Ekron who becomes Seren.

*Balak: Man of Bethlehem, four years older than Dahveed and who dislikes him.

Baqqush: Envoy from the kingdom of Mari who makes a covenant with Shaul.

*Barzillai: Man from Jabesh in Gilead who buys a lamb from Ruth.

Basemath: Maid to Rizpah.

Batashima: Philistine woman dependent on Hassar Jonathan who speaks Yahweh's word to him. Peleth's mother.

Bathsheba: Daughter of Eliam. Granddaughter of Ahibaal.

Ben-Geber: Dahveed's childhood name.

Ben-Shimei: One of Dhaveed's men. Not a nice man. Companion of Hiddai. Son of Hassar Jonathan's cousin.

Beor: Long-time scribe of Seren Manani with a phenomenal memory. Captured by Hassar Jonathan.

Beriah: Gibeonite who comes to take Ishmaiah's place.

*Bichri: Man of Benjamin who tries to bully a beggar and is stopped.

'Bijah: Boy in Navyoth who watches the soldiers prophesy.

*Boaz: Dahveed's great-grandfather. Ruth's husband.

Bodbaal: Philistine member of Ethan's band. Mute. Brother to Geresh and Peleth.

Bukki: Lahab's father. Landowner in Bethlehem.

Bunah: Scribe to Jonathan Hassar.

Bunni: Scribe to Jonathan Hassar.

Caleb: Habiru member of Ethan's band with twin daughters.

Carmi: homesteader north of Bethlehem. Comes to the gate for Jesse.

Casluh: Youth of Ziklag.

*Cheran: Newest personal attendant to Shaul. Cousin of Areli.

*Dahveed: Jesse's eighth son, anointed to be king for Yahweh. (Dahveed is also a title.).

*Dara: Hassar Jonathan's shield bearer.

Dathan: Nagid of the Hebron Calebite clans. Supports Abigail of Carmel.

David: See Dahveed.

Debir: Adon in Jebus who stages a palace coup and becomes Araunah.

Dedan: Faithful guard in Jebus who helps the Emmanuel.

Dishon: Commander of the 8th unit.

*Dodo: Father of Eleazar of Benjamin.

*Dodo: Father of Dahveed's childhood friend Elhanan.

*Doeg: Edomite in Shaul's service who kills the priests.

Dumah: Kin of Ornan and Atarah, who betrays them.

*El: Mighty One, God.

*El Elyon: God Most High.

*El Shaddai: God Almighty.

*Eleazar: Left-handed swordsman who becomes shield-bearer to Sar Ishvi.

*Elhanan: son of Bethlehem's innkeeper. Older than Ben-geber and his friend.

*Eliab: Jesse's first born child, his bekor. Can be greedy. Half-brother to Dahveed.

*Eliahba: Sar to Seren Manani. Protected and hidden by Yahweh for His use.

*Eliam: Son to Ahibaal. Joins Dahveed's band at his father's command. Father of Bathsheba.

*Elihu: Jesse's seventh son. Trains to be a scribe. Half-brother to Dahveed.

*Elika: One of Dahveed's men. From En-harod. Friend of Shammah.

*Eliphelet ben Ahasbai: Steals from Dahveed. Then joins him. From Abel Beth-Maacah.

Elyaton: Name Dahveed uses when he goes to Jonathan's wedding.

*Eshbaal: Shaul's fourth son, younger than Michal. Not a warrior.

Ethan: Grandson of Patah and Gaddi. Body guard for Ruth. Leader of the Habiru near Bethlehem, and Dahveed's teacher.

*Ezer: Commander of the Gaddite spear men who join Dahveed.

Ezra: Man from Judah whose family needs help. Deceased.

Gabri: Honest jewel merchant in Jebus.

*Gad: Roeh Shamuel's servant.

Gaddi: Grandfather to Ethan. Life-time slave to Boaz's house.

Gadmilk: Seren of Ashdod. Likes the women and money from Tyre.

Gaham: Personal bodyguard to Hassar Jonathan who takes Abiezer's place.

Gareb: Man of Judah who joins Dahveed.

Gedor: Man of the 2nd unit who dies saving Sar Malchi.

*Gera: Benjamite whose clan does not like Dahveed.

Geresh: Philistine Habiru of Ethan's band. Brother to Bodbaal.

*Goliath: Traditional name of the champion of the Philistines whom Dahveed kills.

Hadar: Ishmaelite merchant with Gebirah Abigail for a customer.

*Hanan: Habiru youth affiliated with Joel's band near Keilah. One of Yahweh's Arrows.

Hanabaal: Seren of Gaza. Principle Seren of the Five Cities Alliance.

(the) Hassarah: Title of respect given to Ruth, dahveed's great-grandmother, from whom he inherits his musical skills, and much else.

Hannah: Sister of Ira, and great-granddaughter of Shamuel.

Hazzel: Akish of Gath's sister. Ittai's mother.

Heber: A Habiru dahveed near the ravines of Gaash.

*Hezro: Commander of the guard to Nabal. Loyal to Gebirah Abigail.

*Hiddai: unsavory man who tries to use Dahveed before joining him.

Hod: Balak's father. A Moabite landowner in Bethlehem.

*Hushai: The archite. Grandson of Ahor who likes Dahveed.

*Igal: Man from Zobah who exasperates Dahveed, but joins him.

*Ira: Great-grandson of Shamuel, who asks for a song. Brother to Hannah.

*Ira: Man of Judah who joins Dahveed.

Irad ben Omar: Chief elder of Ziklag.

Iscah: Woman in Shaul's clan with a very helpful son.

*Ishmaiah: Gibeonite ark-bearer who becomes one of Dahveed's mighty men.

*Ishvi: Shaul's second son. A sar.

Ishvi ben Ezra: Only survivor of his house. Foster son to Sar Ishvi.

*Ishvi-benob: Kin to Goliath of Gath with four relatives all of whom hate Dahveed.

*Ithmah: Man of Moab who joins Dahveed.

*Ittai: Philistine/Israelite youth bound to Dahveed through circumcision.

*Jaasiel: Abner's son.

Jaasiel: Friend to Igal, who also joins Dahveed.

Jalam: Overseer to Abigail of Carmel.

Jamin: Ethan's younger brother. A Habiru and one of Yahweh's Arrows.

Jarib: demoted Commander of the 2nd unit. Dahveed's assistant commander and very clumsy. Executed by Dahveed for his part in the Gibeonite crime.

Jashobeam: See Josheb.

Jerioth: Sister of Asaiah, and wife of Elhanan. Deceased.

Jemima: Sister of Palti of Gallim who marries Ahiam.

*Jephthah of Tob: Habiru leader in the time of the judges who ruled in Israel.

Jeshua: Leader of the Gibeah band of Habiru.

*Jesse: Dahveed's father. Elder and rich landowner in Bethlehem.

*Jether: Abigail's husband. Ishmaelite trader.

*Jeziel: Son of Azmaveth. Comes to Dahveed in Ziklag.

*Joab: Dahveed's nephew. Second son of Zeruiah. Wanted by Egypt.

*Joash: Leader of the band of Shaul's kin who desert to Dahveed.

Joel: Habiru dahveed of the Keilah band. Supporter of Ethan.

*Jonadab: Second son of Shammah and Dahveed's nephew.

*Jonathan: Dahveed's uncle (brother of his mother.)

*Jonathan: Shaul's oldest son. The Hassar.

*Jonathan: Dahveed's nephew, son of Shammah.

*Jonathan: Son of the Habiru Shagay. Yahweh's Arrow.

Jonathan ben Ezra: Son of Ezra who died.

*Joseph ben Jacob: favorite son of Jacob who stored food in Egypt.

*Josheb-Basshebeth ben Zabdiel: One of Hassar Jonathan's personal guard, who swears to Dahveed.

*Jotbah: Handmaid and scribe to Gebirah Abigail.

Jozabad: Commander with Adnah of the men of Manasseh who desert to Dahveed.

Judith: Maid to Ahinoam and abandoned wife of Balak.

*Kemosh: god of Moab.

Kemosh-dan: Overlord of Moab when Ruth was a young woman.

*Keren: Dahveed's mother. Becomes Jesse's wife.

Keturah: Gibeonite woman dependent on Dahveed. Sister to Naharai.

Keziah: Wife of Dahveed's half-brother Shammah.

*Khay: Egyptian slave found by Dahveed in the Negev.

*Kish: Shaul's father.

Kohath: Head scribe under Eshbaal at Gibeah's fortress.

Lael ben Ahlai: young man who cannot seem to control his spending.

Lahab: Vintner of Bethlehem and son of Bukki. Sets up shop with Raddai.

*Lahmi: Kin to Goliath of Gath. Brother of Ishvi-Benob. Hates Dahveed. Commander to Akish.

Leah: One of Caleb's twins. Habiru.

Libni: Commander of the 10th unit. Supports Abner.

Lotan: Man of the 2nd unit. A Hittite mastersmith.

*Maacah bat Talmai: young daughter of Geshur's king who is amused by Dahveed.

Mahesa: Banished Egyptian officer who serves at the Tabernacle.

Malcath bat Talmai: Older sister of Maacah who is getting married.

Malchi: See Malchi-shua.

*Malchi-shua: Shaul's third son. A sar.

Manani: Cruel seren in Ekron.

*Maoch: Seren of Gath. Deceased.

Mari: Messenger sent to Shaul, who is murdered on the way. Also a city-state north of Israel.

*Matred: Handmaid to Gebirah Abigail.

Mattan: Meshullam's son and dahveed after him. Swore his band to Boaz and Boaz's bloodline.

*Mephibosheth: Rizpah's 2nd son.

*Merab: Shaul's oldest child, his bekorah. Promised to Dahveed. A sahrah.

Merab bat Ezra: daughter of Ezra of Judah.

*Meribbaal: Son of Jonathan Hassar.

Meshullam: Habiru dahveed of Boaz's time.

*Mibhar ben Hagri: Shepherd to Nabal of Carmel who recognizes Dahveed.

*Michal: Shaul's younger daughter, between Malchi and Eshball. Wants Dahveed. A sahrah.

Milcom: God of Ammon.

Minelek: Philistine merchant of Chephirah, whom Dahveed appoints as Gibeonite overseer.

Miriam: Jesse's Israelite wife.

Mishmannah: One of the Gaddite spear man.

Muwana: Seren of Ashkelon. Ally of Akish.

*Nabal: Nagid of Carmel's Calebite clans. Husband to Abigail. Greedy for honor.

Nadab: Quartermaster of Shaul's army.

*Naharai: Gibeonite man of the 2nd unit. Keturah's brother.

*Nahash: king of Ammon, and grandfather of Abigail and Zeruiah. Saves Dahveed.

*Namea: Handmaid to Gebirah Abigail.

Nashon: Shaul's shield bearer, who vanishes.

Natan: newly appointed commander of the fifth unit.

Negbi: Treasurer of Keilah. Not necessarily honest.

Nemuel: Jonathan's boyhood friend. Killed by Philistines.

*Ner: Abner's father. Uncle to Shaul.

*Nethanel: Jesse's fourth son, Dahveed's half-brother.

Nimshi: Ethan's youngest son.

*Obed: Ruth's son, Jesse's father. Deceased.

Og of Bashan: very tall man killed in Joshua's time.

*Oholah: Handmaid and scribe to Gebirah Abigail.

*Ornan: Jebusite youth rescued by Dahveed and Ethan. Brother to Atarah.

Orpah: Foster sister of Hassarah Ruth in Heshbon. Marries a prince.

*Ozem: Jesse's sixth son. Younger twin to Raddai, Dahveed's half brother.

Pallu: Man of the 2nd unit. Good archer.

*Palti of Gallim: Scribe to Sar Ishvi. Brother of Jemima. Is given Michal Sahrah.

*Parai: Slave to Gebirah Abigail who runs away. Joins Dahveed.

Pasach: Commander of the 11th unit.

Pashur: Habiru of Boaz's time who provided information.

Patah: old dahveed of the Habiru when Ben-geber is a child. Grandson of Meshullam and grandfather of Ethan and Jamin.

Patisi: Father-in-law of Manani. Very good at persuasion. Dies inconveniently.

Pekah: Son of Zalmon.

*Pelet: Son of Azmaveth. Taken by Abner.

Peleth: former Philistine slave to Hassar Jonathan, and overseer for him.

Puah: wife of Shagay and mother of Jonathan ben Shagay.

Qas: One of the Amalekite gods.

Qausa: Habiru from far south who killed Mari, and who took money to kill King Shaul. Deceased.

Rachel: One of Caleb's twins. Habiru.

*Raddai: Jesse's fifth son. Older twin to Ozem, Dahveed's half-brother.

Ram: Commander of the first unit in King Shaul's permanent forces.

Rapha Clan: Goliath's clan.

*Recheb: Gibeonite from Beeroth. Son of Rimmon to whom is given hesed by Jonathan Hassar.

Regem: Son of Ethan. Guide to caravans.

Reu: Man of the 2nd unit. Good engineer.

*Ribai: Israelite slave who married Akish's sister Hazzel. Father of Ittai. Deceased.

*Rimmon: Gibeonite from Beeroth who tried to kill Jonathan Hassar.

*Rinnah: Man of Ziph of doesn't want Dahveed around.

*Rizpah: Concubine to King Shaul from Jabesh in Gilead.

*Ruth: the hassarah. Wife of Boaz and great-grandmother of Dahveed.

Sakar ben Hissil: Prince of Heshbon and husband of Orpah in Ruth's time.

Samlah: Merchant who is not too picky about where he gets his wares.

*Samson: Judge in Israel who was taken by the Philistines after betrayal by Delilah.

Samuel: See Shamuel.

*Saph: Kin to Goliath of Gath, Ishvi-benob and Lahmi. Hates Dahveed.

Saul: See Shaul.

*Shagay: Habiru and Yahweh's Arrow. Dahveed's first retainer.

*Shammah: Jesse's third son, Dahveed's half-brother.

Shammah: One of Dahveed's men. Friend of Elika. From En-harod.

Shammah ben Agee: See Shagay.

*Shamuel: Roeh, seer, in Israel. Anoints Shaul and Dahveed.

*Shaul: King of Israel, Jonathan and Michal's father.

Shemel ben Elnaam: Dahveed's Philistine commander while he is in Gath. Refuses to deliver him to the Rapha. Loyal to Hazzel.

Shepho: Alluph of the Amalekites who lies and gets killed because of Abigail's words.

Sheva: Commander of the king's guard.

*Shimei: Cousin to Jonathan Hassar. Banned from appearing at court. Of Gera's clan.

Shoher: Father of Ethan. Deceased.

*Sibbecai: Bitter man from Hushah who takes Dahveed's sword. Then joins him.

Sithri: Man of the 2nd unit who can sharpen things well.

Steward of the House of Tahat: Man whom Jonathan Hassar finally finds.

Tahan: Man of the 2nd unit who knows jewelry.

Tahat: Business associate of Dahveed's great-grandfather Boaz.

*Talmai: Father of Maacah and Malcath. Tries to use Dahveed.

Tamakel: Son of Nahash, father of Ala and Zelek. Deceased.

Tanhum: Hiddeous cripple saved by Dahveed, and appreciated by Jonathan. Father of Ziba.

*Taphath: wife of Jonathan and mother of Meribbaal. From Jabesh. Cousin to Azmaveth.

Telah: Elder in Bethlehem.

Teman: Head elder of Keilah.

Tilon: Caravan master whose caravan, along with himself, is borrowed without him knowing.

Tiras: Very tall Habiru Dahveed who finds the Lion of Judah. Brother to Uzzia.

*Tirzah: Plump handmaid to Gebirah Abigail.

Tokhath: Nabal's intelligent and ambitious scribe.

*Uriah the Hittite: Neighbor of Dahveed who joins him and who can teach. A lot.

*Uzzia: Tiras' taller brother who is hostage to Dahveed. From Ashterath in Bashan.

Yah: Short form of Yahweh.

Yahas: Balak's great-grandfather whom he meets in Jebus and who teaches him to worship Kemosh.

Yahoadan: Jamin's daughter. Habiru.

*Yahweh: Israel's God. Has chosen Dahveed.

Yahweh's Arrows: Habiru who have affiliated with Ethan and his band to protect and serve Boaz's bloodline.

*Yira: King of Moab and very wary of Dahveed.

*Zabad ben Ahlai: Disowned son of Ahlai. Brother of Ahimoam. Good fighter. Given to Dahveed.

*Zalmon: Benjamite who finds Dahveed by descending on him. Joins Dahveed.

*Zelek: Unfortunate Ammonite/Cushite who is forced to assassinate Hassar Jonathan. Brother to Ala. Blood kin to Abigail and Zeruiah.

Zemirah: head elder in Bethlehem.

Zeri: Habiru from the Gibeah band. Yahweh's Arrow. Refuses to hunt Dahveed.

*Zeruiah: Jesse's oldest daughter by Abiadan. Mother of Abishai, Joab and Asahel.

*Ziba: Son of Tanhum. Brother to Atarah. Unhappy with Jonathan Hassar.

Zorath: commander of the 3rd unit, and supporter of Dahveed.


Habiru lineage:   Meshullam, Mattan, Patah, Shoher, Ethan, Nimshi  

Dahveed's lineage:   Salmon, Boaz, Obed, Jesse, Dahveed


Masculine title of respect in Israel least to most:   Geber, Adon/Baal, Sar, Nahsi, Nagid, Melek  

Feminine titles of respect least to most:   Geberet, Baalah, Sahrah, Hassarah